A Good Cry

Having the hospital bed has made some things easier and some things harder.

Gpa stays in bed all night long.  I don’t have to lift so much to get him in and out of bed. I can get him to change positions to allow his bed sore to start to heal.

It needs a different size sheet that I don’t have, so there is more bunching and more things get wet.  When this happens, I just change him in the room rather than taking him to the bathroom.

He is stiffer in the morning and had a hard time using his arms to feed himself this morning.

I cried all the way through church.  Mourning the loss of Gpa.  Silly girl, he’s sitting right next to you.  Yes, but this is a letting go, a bit at a time, and I let go a little bit.

He’s been as hungry as a bear and today he was as hungry as a pig. I’m not sure if one is hungrier than the other but he eats a lot.

I don’t think his body is processing much of what he eats,  he’s just skin and bones.

After church, which included lunch and a visit from Santa, we went home and took a nap.

After a good cry and a good nap, I feel better.

Tomorrow we will celebrate Christmas with family coming over.

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