The Day After

I plan to continue to blog.  Being able to share this experience has been a great comfort to me.

and from posts, it is a comfort to others.  I have learned that even though there are many things we go through alone, we are not alone.

There are others that are going through something similar, if we will only reach out.

We can help each other through the night and celebrate the dawn.

I went to the funeral home and made the final decisions for Gpa.

What is interesting is the survivors really get the final say.  So even though Gpa made pre-arrangements.  Both my sister and I were required to sign off on them.  I didn’t ask her to take off work.  So I asked if that paperwork could be faxed to her.  Yes.  Good answer.

Then there is the paper to sign that I understand that cremation is not reversible. Yep, once ashes can’t revert back.  Figured that out at the campsite watching the wood burn and cook our food.

Had to verify he is who they’ve tagged.  How many bodies do you think I had at my house????

And flag the grave site.

Most interesting day to be sure.

The best news is that if I bring a container, I can have a bit of Gpa to keep with me.  The only thing I didn’t get done that he had always wanted to do was to see the great wall of China.

So I’m thinking I’ll get a locket and get the funeral home to put just a bit of Gpa in it.  Then I’ll plan a trip sometime to China and take him with me.

If I had my ruthers, I would bring the kids and grandkids.  We’ll take in the awesomeness of thing that someone made a long time ago.  Share stories of Gpa.  Show him the wall and all will be well.


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