Still Sunday

Yesterday, I got up and did somethings around the house until it was time for church.  I had packed things for Goodwill and gathered items for the celebration.  I had planned plenty of time to load up the car and stop at Goodwill.

However, I opened the violin case and played a couple of songs a couple of times.

I still stopped at Goodwill and was late to church.  I came in and heard the sermon.  “Timing is Everything”  haha.

I brought in the items after coffee hour and headed to my first massage I got for Christmas.

Went back to church for our come and go.

Oh the ladies had done a superb job of setting up the posters and putting the food out.  We ate inside, looked at the posters, toured the garden and sang in the pavilion.

Friends and family came and went.  Cleaned up and was told to take all the food.  Almost wish I had bought the freezer instead of the violin.  Almost but not quite.

The girls were already at the house when I got home.  They helped get all the food in the house then told me they wanted to watch a show. I was thinking they were going to watch last weeks.  I looked at them and saw they were choosing tonight’s episode.

OH, it’s still Sunday.  What a long day.

It was good, we truly celebrated Gpa’s life.

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