Slightly Irritated

I am so thankful that the ladies sent all the food from the celebration home with me.  I haven’t felt like menu planning or cooking. I haven’t paid attention to the time and stop when I realize I am hungry.  By then it’s really to late to do much.

And because I have a fridge full of food.  All I have to do is dish some food on a plate and maybe cook it.  A couple of days, the potato salad was breakfast, because that is what looked good at the time.

The house is quieter and I figured out partly because I don’t have 1-2 loads of laundry to do each day.

I’m irritated because there are still dishes in the sink to wash and my laundry basket has filled up.

I feel that now that life has stopped for Gpa, so should some of these mundane things that want attending to.

But mundane things are part of life.  And they want attending to.

I am still making my list of 2 hard things and then something fun.  I really do get more than the 2 done, it’s just that I only require myself to do 2.

Otherwise, I don’t think I’d do anything.

I’m going to allow myself some time to be irritated and then get all the things that want washing, washed.

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