Rainy Day Service

We had the service that Gpa wanted on Tuesday.  It was a rainy day, with thunderstorm warnings.  So only 4 people showed up.

I am OK with that.  They represented his Sunday School class.  I was the only one who represented the family.  The small number made for a very intimate gathering.

I found out that one I remembered, who wasn’t there had just gotten out of the hospital.  Some had thought he had passed away but he had just moved to Dallas.

It was good to share stories.  I took the posters and showed them pictures that we had at the celebration of life.  I’ll be taking the posters to California to show the Gbabies.

I was invited to lunch and got to know that woman better.  Then I just beat the weather back to Dallas.  Whew!

The funeral home was so busy and I called too late to bury the the remains on Tuesday.  So I’ll call and schedule another day, and another trip to Ft. Worth.  The pastor wants to be there when they lay Gpa to rest.  I will let him know, and go.  (Though I hadn’t planned on going and watching. I will, it will be good to know Gpa is in a safe place and finally with Mom and Gma.)

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  • catterel  On January 31, 2013 at 1:53 pm

    So gad you felt it was worth the effort after all. It’s a sad fact that when a person gets to be over 90 – never mind over 100 – there are not very many people left, and those who are still alive are often unable to get out and about. I see that with my Mom – 97 in May – who keeps saying there won’t be anyone she knows at her funeral!

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