The Sound of My Singing Voice

Yesterday the band and I went to the recording studio and recorded a couple of songs we wrote.  We planned/prepared for 3 and just squeaked in 2.

As with most people the guys were not sure they liked the way their voices sound.  I’m not sure why our recorded voices sound different from what we sound like to ourselves.  People reassure us that we sound that way.

The first song I played the ukulele.  The second song, I was the main vocal and the guys were back up on the chorus.  The bass sang harmony.

I don’t remember hearing the verses but the chorus with the harmonies and layers of voices and instruments was absolutely beautiful.

It brought tears to my eyes.

I’m the kid that sang off-key and loud in the children’s choir. Mom said the best thing about that was she knew which one was her baby.  I was told I was tone-deaf like my paternal grandpa.  I never met him and was dubious about sharing this distinction.

However as years went by, I’ve had loved ones tell me not to sing so loud in church.  I didn’t understand why I would be given such a love for singing and not have any talent or gift what so ever.  But I decided that I would keep at it and if God got tired of the way I was singing, He could change it.

I also re-joined the church choir in my 30’s and for a few months last year, I went to voice lessons.  I learned how to breathe!

So even though I would have to agree, I don’t sound like I think I do. I know that for me, that is a good thing.

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