Laid to Rest

So this morning, got up and helped my daughter take a load to her new place.  It was misty all the way there and back.

Ate lunch, showered and got dressed to go to Ft. Worth, to bury Gpa.  When I left the house, the sun was shining.  Totally different.

When I got to the site, there was a hearse, a tent and a row of chairs.  Oh this was too much.  I wasn’t expecting this much effort.  Gpa didn’t want a grave side service.

I had to scramble to find my tissue.  I didn’t want to leave the car with out it.

The funeral director and the guy who would do the burying,  I don’t know his job title., were there.  We waited for the pastor.

They talked about the crepe myrtle beside the site.  It is a big one and has white flowers when in bloom.  Across the road and on the other side of the wrought iron fence, is the river and the geese come to roost in the trees.

Oh, the coyote is well fed and has a thick coat of fur.  A fox has been seen and so has a couple of red tail hawks.

Gpa and Gma picked out a good spot.  They’ll enjoy all the nature that surrounds them.

The pastor came, said a few words, read some scripture and the two of us recited the Lord’s Prayer.

Then we sat and watched as they buried Gpa.  The man was very careful and did a good job.  We thanked him and I came home.

Where Gena was waiting for me to load up and take a second load to her new place.  On the way, I realized I have a friend in her neck of the woods so I had dinner with him.

Now that the day is done and I’m back home, it is very quiet with just the little dog and me.

Tomorrow will be a busy day so we’ll go get some rest.

I hope you rest well also.  I know that Gpa is.


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