Sometimes a Shift is Necessary

I am finding that I don’t want to do the things that I did with Gpa.

Well, I do but I don’t.

My garden plot needs a new frame.  I’ve been asked if it’s OK to move to a different plot.  It’s across the way and down one.  Just enough of a shift to get me excited to get back to the garden.  It helps that my daughter wants a plot as well.  I’ve been helping her and her friend with their plot.

I haven’t gone back to the library to juggle.  I want to wait until I know what my new schedule will be.  But when I go to the library to pick up or drop off books, I look in the room as I pass by and don’t want to go in.  Yesterday when I went, the room was set up as a classroom.  Whew, no pressure now to hurry back.

The last place I need to shift is at church.  Gpa and I sat at the very back and it’s hard for me to sit there on my own.  Last Sunday I looked over a couple of times to check on him.  Oops, not there.  Too, too sad.

So I checked with a friend and asked her if I can sit with her.  She said, yes.

Not big changes but enough to be of comfort.


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  • catterel  On March 7, 2013 at 9:54 am

    One step at a time, Laura – it will take a while to readjust, but then you will begin to find comfort in doing things you did with Gpa that are so painful for you now. You are acting wisely. God bless you.

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