A Good Name

I have told my children, “If you have a car, you will have car troubles.  If you don’t want car troubles, don’t own a car.”

I’m not being flip.  A car is a machine with moving parts.  Parts wear out.

Unfortunately there are many repair places that aren’t concerned with the doing a good job.  No thought to the customer returning.   Just what can they get from me today.

My car wouldn’t start today when I ran an errand.  I was able to get it started and drove to a big chain where I bought my battery.  I got another battery, finished my errands the car wouldn’t start.

A neighbor tried to help me.  We tried 2 different jumper cables and 2 different cars.  No go.

So I called a tow truck to take the car back to the store.  I had called and talked to the auto department and was told they could do what ever work the car needed.

The tow truck guy showed me that tapping the started a couple of times can sometimes help.  It did.  I asked him if he did anything else.  I would have let him fix my car.  No. That’s too bad.

I went back to the big mega store.  No, they only do lubes, tires and batteries.

The man I talked to wasn’t the one who worked on my car, that man had gone home for the day.  The man I did talk to only gave me excuses; not the one that helped me earlier, not sure they could find my battery in the pile of old ones.

No effort to try to help me solve my problem, no apology for selling me something I don’t need.

What the employees at the mega store don’t understand that this day will make me think of the entire store, all the things they sell with the memory of what happened today.  They sell a lot but they are not a monopoly.  I’ll take my business elsewhere if I can.

It’s unfortunate the employees don’t understand that a reputation is a fragile thing.  All it would have taken is for some semblance of caring that on a Saturday afternoon they not only sold me something I didn’t need but wouldn’t be able to fix until Monday.  I may or may not be able to do what I planned to on Sunday.

I will tell everyone about the tow truck guy.  Too bad that’s all he does.  If he was the mega store, I’d be buying everything there.

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