Self Pay

Gpa had an annuity that paid him more than Medicaid allowed.  He  did receive some Medicare benefits.  The cost of many facilities for dementia and Alzheimer’s patients were priced over what he received.

It did cause for a challenge and there were a couple of moves.  Another challenge happened when the care giver changed and I didn’t feel that the new one was right for us.

Since I haven’t been working, I haven’t had insurance.  So I am self pay as well.  I do have a health retirement account and it charges me maintenance fees.  Um, by the time I get to use it, it will be gone because of the fees.  So I called.

Oh, guess what?  They allow a person to use the money for health care if they are no longer with the company they invested in the plan.

I’ve already received money back for the chiropractic care I got for my back.  So tomorrow I’m going to go to the dentist and eye doctor an become current on those items.

I think we have to be very careful when we start regulating the options individuals have.  Especially when creating laws.  Laws are on the books for a very long time and are hard to change.

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