One Size Does Not Fit All

Not all situations are the same.  So one solution isn’t enough.

People are individuals and want different things.

Just because retirement age has been set to 65 does not mean all people retire at 65.    Some look forward to early retirement.  Some enjoy what they do and choose to continue working.

My dad was still working at 67 when he passed away.  Boy, was that a mess with the insurance companies.  I had correctly filed primary and secondary.  Then someone calculated his age and didn’t tell me why they thought I had filed wrong.  I would have told him he was still employed if they had told me.

So I re-file.  Then someone else asks, “wasn’t he employed at the time of his death?”


So I got to refile the refiling!

As far as I know, Gpa retired at 65.  He continued to be productive.

Gpa drove his car until he was 97.

Even with dementia, he was able to interact and endear himself to others.

Yet st 99, even though he was walking and talking and feeding himself, someone wanted to put him on hospice!

Let’s not get caught up on numbers.  Let’s not force people to do


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