Good Therapy, Body, Mind and Soul

Yesterday, I spent the day in the community garden.  Some friends of another family came to help in the pantry garden.  I was invited to come as well.

I did some work in my plot, weeded my old plot.  It is fun to see the marigolds in the old plot.  They are just now peeking through while the weeds are popping up all over.  Hopefully the marigolds will knock out the nematodes.

Watering the girls plot, I saw a couple of tomatoes.  How exciting!

Then I helped water the eggplants in the pantry plot.  Others were mulching the paths.  I’m glad I was given the watering task, mulching is a lot of work.

We had a great spread for lunch and stimulating conversation.  Afterwards, I pulled out the violin and played.  They were very kind to listen because I didn’t tune it and it was off.  I really do need to be more mindful of that.

Once outside again, I watered the peppers.  And while I did, I thought about the people who would be fed, the outside projects we have been approved to do and what happens in the screenplay I am writing.

One of the women I met confessed that being in the garden is good therapy.  I agree.

I would much rather, and get so much more out of being in the garden than I ever would talking to a stranger or group of strangers about how I miss Gpa.  Instead of talking about building a new life, I am building a new life.  Keeping what I loved most and exploring new opportunities as well.


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