What I Lie About

If I don’t want you to know that I’ve been crying and you ask why my eyes are red, I will tell you I have allergies.

But if I’ve been outside and it’s hot, my face will get red.  And Texas summers can get hot.

I don’t have a problem telling you my age.  I like hearing that I don’t look old enough to be a grandma.  And I love being a grandma.

I have been losing weight because I haven’t been eating cookies in the middle of the night, the day or on an hourly basis any longer.  I am glad I have the memories.

I don’t have a scale so who knows how much I weighed.  I had an opportunity to get on the scales the other day and oh brother, am I ever sorry that I did.  I was about 15 pounds more than I had when I left my job and would have thought I was closer to what I weighed when I left.

So I had to go get my driver’s license picture taken to renew for this birthday.  When the lady asked me if my weight was still xxx (15 pounds lighter)  I replied, “Oh, Yes.”

Just rolled off my tongue!  That was easy.  They tested my eyesight was adequate with my glasses, I am so glad they didn’t make me get on the scales.

Um, but when I looked at the picture, I could tell, it didn’t lie.


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