Friday Night Opera at the Ft Worth Bass Hall

Gpa loved the Bass Hall.  He even let us take him there to see the Flying Karamozov Brothers.  But that was many years before the dementia.  What a trouper he was!

I have a friend that has season tickets to the opera and she asks people to go based on which opera they would like.  We saw “Daughter of the Regiment”

Delightful.  Made me think of Shirley Temple movies, especially Suzanna of the Mounties.  Though I’m not sure either the opera performers or Shirley would like the reference.  But that is how my mind works.

While I didn’t put on a formal (I do have one in the back of the closet just in case), I did put on a dress and heels.  It’s nice to be a girl once in a while.   And going out is a great excuse for dolling it up a bit.

Anyway at one point during the evening, I was sharing a Gpa story and my friend pointed out that I was using the present tense.


I’m not sure how to respond.  I guess I’ll be more mindful.  But he’s still very much in my thoughts.  And his loss has brought Mom, Gma and Dad into my thoughts more as well.  Though they’ve been gone long enough I’m sure I don’t refer to them in the present tense.

With Gpa, it’s kinda like he is perpetually at day care and I’ll be getting back to pick him up soon.

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