Paper, or Plastic, or Bring Your Own

America was built on the idea of people having choices. I like that about America.

But our choices are going away, or at least being limited.

Recently I heard on the Radio that Austinites, or is it Austineers will now have to start bringing their own bags when they shop. My initial reaction is I will never live in Austin.

Well, there is a Dallas City councilman wanting to remove plastic bags from stores.  Um excuse me?  I don’t know what I would have done if I couldn’t get plastic grocery bags to reuse to dispose of Gpa’s soiled disposables.

I like paper bags to put items I take to Goodwill.

And though I bring my own bag most days, I do like I can get a paper or plastic bag when needed.

We recently voted for our city council members.  I found it very frustrating that the only information I could find is basic name, rank and serial number.  More specifically, name, length lived in Pleasant Grove and government experience.

That isn’t enough information for me to make an informed decision.  I want to know if you plan to restrict my choices or create an environment where I have to do what everyone else is doing.

Cue Malvina Reynolds ‘Little Boxes’

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