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Letter to my Senator

On Monday, a special session will be held in the state of Texas.  The governor thinks a couple of issues are too important to let go.  Even though one of them had the building overflowing with people who did not support the abortion bill.

I guess he thinks we are not adult enough to know what we want.  So I have written the following to my senator, to let him know where I stand.  Funny thing, I can’t find the bill and the details on what exactly is being voted on.  Hmm.

What I want is the ability to make a choice.

Senator Deuell,

I moved to your district last year. I moved into a home and brought my grandfather out of a nursing home. He had been diagnosed with dementia and I wanted to spend more time with him.

I cannot find information on the bill and what specifically what is being voted on. If it is taking away the choice for women, then I would ask you to vote against the bill. If it is to make this choice safer, then I would say vote for it.

I am disappointed in Governor Perry and his decision to call a special session. It appears to me that he is not representing what the people want.

What plans does the governor have for the lives of the unwanted babies that result in a ban on abortion? These children will be more likely to be abused or killed later.

There is over 9 billion dollars owed in back child support in Texas. What is being done for these children?

If you could legislate morality, the prisons would be empty, no one would commit murder. But we both know that prisons are full of murderers.

The best thing about this country is the ability to choose. Not all situations are the same. And for this reason, law makers/keepers need to continue to be on guard to keep choices and life situations that may be different an option.

In my case, I was not able to use the FMLA for it does not allow a grandchild to care for a grandparent. However, both my parents pre-deceased my grandfather. My mother was an only child and I being the next of kin, cared for him.

Thank you for your time and attention on this matter.


Where is That Memory?

I understand that the routine becomes so part of us that we may not remember if we have turned off the headlights when we get to work.  To overcome that, I will say, “Today is Tuesday, and my lights are off.”  Then when I pause at work and think, “Did I turn off the lights?” I will remember saying so.

My current dilemma is over the padlock keys to the gates on my fence.  I have taken them off my key chain.  I think I did it when I was going to California.  I can almost remember thinking.  I don’t need to carry these around.  I’ll put them here.  But where did I put them???

I didn’t put them in the most logical place, the key hook.  I know because I’ve looked.  I also know that somewhere in my brain is the rest of the memory.  And I don’t know where that is either.  For if I did, I’d have accessed it by now and found the keys.

Memory is such a funny thing. And we think we have better control over it than we do.

It’s Not a Burden

Our organist is ill.  So ill she is in the hospital.  Then she’ll be in rehab for three weeks.  Ouch.  Many prayers please.

It is a good thing I have been practicing daily. I was able to play the violin for church a couple of weeks ago.  This past Sunday, a member who plays the guitar did so.  The leaders don’t want to wear us out.

That’s funny.  I get great joy playing, it doesn’t wear me out.   I’m not sure if I expressed this in a way to over come their thoughts of how hard it must be.  It isn’t hard, it’s just I don’t play by ear and I only know the one key.  So I am limited on what I can play.  Doesn’t mean I  don’t want to.

Good thing I get to bring my violin to Tuesday morning harvest.  I play what ever I want and take requests if they are in my repertoire.


Just Like Gpa

But he isn’t.  Lillie asked if he had been influenced by Gpa or were the mannerisms, old man.

I think it is old man.  Though it was totally delightful spending the evening with him.

The band celebrated their first year anniversary with a sing a long and pot luck.  It was a very small group and that made it like a family reunion.

The singing made it special as I love music and who’d of thought when my first grade music teacher told my mom I’m tone deaf, that I’d be lead singer??!?!?!

He tried to give me his dessert.  It was a carmel candy log.  I knew he didn’t know what it was so I asked him.  I thought maybe he thought it was a cigar.  No, it was a hot dog.

I gave it to his daughter and she cut it up and passed it around so we could all enjoy it.

When he was given the sing a long sheet. He told me he thought I had written it about him and we’d still be friends after it was all over.

Then he said that all of our names were written down.  Oh, my. To me it’s another confirmation that this isn’t our home and we’ll be reunited one day.

Chicken TV, Viewership 1

Last few days, I’ve been eating dinner outside watching the chicks eat bugs and take dirt bathes.  Eating dinner while watching TV is an old habit.

It’s been great fun.  And I don’t have to worry about ratings, sponsorship, nasty letters from views, or other issues with programming.

I did see a hawk fly overhead,  must of been headed home for the day.  Didn’t stop but I don’t know if the chicks were spotted,  I’ll keep close by until they get older.


Celebrating 50

Exif_JPEG_422My birthday was yesterday but started the party on Wednesday.  Lillie had plans out of town so I went to her house for dinner, libations and a new card strategy game.  Sorry, don’t remember what it is called.

Had lots of fun.

Yesterday, I had some board member business and it took longer than we thought.  The account hadn’t been updated like it should and they wanted a signature from a member 3 people ago.

Then I rushed home and started to weed eat the back in preparation for the gift.  Only got half done when they came.  But that is OK, later they had a blast looking for bugs in the tall grass.

I got chickens for my birthday.  Yes, I asked for them.  Their house needs a little work so they are in a large dog crate right now.  I’ve been referring to them as ‘the girls’.  The dogs are ‘the boys’.

The boys are very interested in the girls.  So they’ll be supervised for a while.

And then Becky came by with a different kitty.  The garden kitties have disappeared and we hope they went to new homes.  Don’t want to think to much about alternative fates.

She had asked the neighbors if they had seen the kitties.  She got a call yesterday that a neighbor had found one.  Becky asked, “Is it a grey one or an orange one?”

“It’s a black one.”  HAHAHAHAHAHA

So I kept her. She’s currently in the bathroom until I can get a baby gate.

Don’t you think a black cat for your 50th birthday is appropriate?

The dogs run back and forth between the two new additions to the family.

My sister reminded me of something I said, oh so many animals ago……”No, new animals!”

Why do words come back to haunt you?

I replied, “Everything resets at 50.”

A Sparkle for a Couple of Pretty Ladies

Carl comes to the garden with his daughter.  They are in a similar situation that Gpa and I were in.  She was worried when I gave her some of Gpa’s clothes, that it would hurt to see Carl in them.

“Oh, no! Quite the contrary.  It will do me good to see someone else making use of his things.”

He has recently broken his hip and they had to buy a wheel chair.  If we hadn’t been renting ours, I would have given them that as well.

Yesterday, I ran up to the garden to have lunch.  Boy, do I love working from home!

We were wrapping up when Carl and his daughter came in.  He sat across from me and I waited until he looked up.

When he did, I gave him a big smile.  He does remind me of Gpa, and then again he doesn’t.  He is his own person and a delight to be around.  He saw my smile and shyly smiled back and ducked his head.  Then he looked at Becky and she gave him a big smile, too.  And boy did his eyes twinkle!

His daughter told him Becky had asked him a question.  We both told her that he responded.

The best things in life can be had when we stop and be with each other.  As far as I’m concerned, a sparkle from the eye is better than many diamonds.