Celebrating 50

Exif_JPEG_422My birthday was yesterday but started the party on Wednesday.  Lillie had plans out of town so I went to her house for dinner, libations and a new card strategy game.  Sorry, don’t remember what it is called.

Had lots of fun.

Yesterday, I had some board member business and it took longer than we thought.  The account hadn’t been updated like it should and they wanted a signature from a member 3 people ago.

Then I rushed home and started to weed eat the back in preparation for the gift.  Only got half done when they came.  But that is OK, later they had a blast looking for bugs in the tall grass.

I got chickens for my birthday.  Yes, I asked for them.  Their house needs a little work so they are in a large dog crate right now.  I’ve been referring to them as ‘the girls’.  The dogs are ‘the boys’.

The boys are very interested in the girls.  So they’ll be supervised for a while.

And then Becky came by with a different kitty.  The garden kitties have disappeared and we hope they went to new homes.  Don’t want to think to much about alternative fates.

She had asked the neighbors if they had seen the kitties.  She got a call yesterday that a neighbor had found one.  Becky asked, “Is it a grey one or an orange one?”

“It’s a black one.”  HAHAHAHAHAHA

So I kept her. She’s currently in the bathroom until I can get a baby gate.

Don’t you think a black cat for your 50th birthday is appropriate?

The dogs run back and forth between the two new additions to the family.

My sister reminded me of something I said, oh so many animals ago……”No, new animals!”

Why do words come back to haunt you?

I replied, “Everything resets at 50.”

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  • letstalkaboutfamily  On June 9, 2013 at 1:22 pm

    Happy Birthday! I like that motto — Everything rewets at 50!

  • JRizz  On June 9, 2013 at 3:07 pm

    Happy Birthday!!! I am so envious of your menagerie, I would love a pet, but my Dad isn’t ready.

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