Just Like Gpa

But he isn’t.  Lillie asked if he had been influenced by Gpa or were the mannerisms, old man.

I think it is old man.  Though it was totally delightful spending the evening with him.

The band celebrated their first year anniversary with a sing a long and pot luck.  It was a very small group and that made it like a family reunion.

The singing made it special as I love music and who’d of thought when my first grade music teacher told my mom I’m tone deaf, that I’d be lead singer??!?!?!

He tried to give me his dessert.  It was a carmel candy log.  I knew he didn’t know what it was so I asked him.  I thought maybe he thought it was a cigar.  No, it was a hot dog.

I gave it to his daughter and she cut it up and passed it around so we could all enjoy it.

When he was given the sing a long sheet. He told me he thought I had written it about him and we’d still be friends after it was all over.

Then he said that all of our names were written down.  Oh, my. To me it’s another confirmation that this isn’t our home and we’ll be reunited one day.

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