Letter to my Senator

On Monday, a special session will be held in the state of Texas.  The governor thinks a couple of issues are too important to let go.  Even though one of them had the building overflowing with people who did not support the abortion bill.

I guess he thinks we are not adult enough to know what we want.  So I have written the following to my senator, to let him know where I stand.  Funny thing, I can’t find the bill and the details on what exactly is being voted on.  Hmm.

What I want is the ability to make a choice.

Senator Deuell,

I moved to your district last year. I moved into a home and brought my grandfather out of a nursing home. He had been diagnosed with dementia and I wanted to spend more time with him.

I cannot find information on the bill and what specifically what is being voted on. If it is taking away the choice for women, then I would ask you to vote against the bill. If it is to make this choice safer, then I would say vote for it.

I am disappointed in Governor Perry and his decision to call a special session. It appears to me that he is not representing what the people want.

What plans does the governor have for the lives of the unwanted babies that result in a ban on abortion? These children will be more likely to be abused or killed later.

There is over 9 billion dollars owed in back child support in Texas. What is being done for these children?

If you could legislate morality, the prisons would be empty, no one would commit murder. But we both know that prisons are full of murderers.

The best thing about this country is the ability to choose. Not all situations are the same. And for this reason, law makers/keepers need to continue to be on guard to keep choices and life situations that may be different an option.

In my case, I was not able to use the FMLA for it does not allow a grandchild to care for a grandparent. However, both my parents pre-deceased my grandfather. My mother was an only child and I being the next of kin, cared for him.

Thank you for your time and attention on this matter.


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