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Dallas Mayors Summer Reading Program

I love the summer reading program.  I miss being a kid and getting prizes for something I do anyway.

This year, they’ve added an adult program.  Now we don’t get prizes each week, but we do get our name in a drawing for bigger rewards.

Yesterday I caught the cat with the newspaper.  Literacy abounds at my house.

With the Chicken and the cat reading now, I wonder if I can get the mayor to add an animal summer reading program.

And yes, that is hay you see on the floor.  I have got to get a shed.



Not Crop Circles

The vestry has approved a labyrinth in the back and a prayer garden in the front.  And now it is super hot.

Last week, after 7pm,  a couple of us started to mark and cut out the pattern for the labyrinth.

We burnt the motor of the weedeater.  And even though we had to walk away, we are so excited to be making progress.  We can see it, can you?

Still under warranty, we can get another one.  Yay!

In the mean time, the project has been referred to as a crop circle.

Um, hopefully, things will move along more smoothly tonight.


Incongruent Messages

When I was a kid, I was taught to not lie.  Well, I’m sure most of us were.

Serious consequences can happen.  OK got it.  Tell the truth.

Then was told not to talk about Daddy’s drinking.  Nobody cares anyway.

OK got it.  Don’t tell the truth.


What’s left?

I think these messages are why some days I struggle with what to post.

Been a very interesting exercise in choosing what to say and what to leave out.  Either way, I’m breaking old rules.

And finding out that people do care.

Have you been living with incongruent messages?  Have you been breaking past them?

And why does WordPress think I’ve misspelled incongruent?

Covering Gpa’s Stripes

It bothers my daughter that there are marks on the walls.  Gpa’s chair has marked the kitchen.  His wheelchair has scarred the hall and the bathroom.

They remind me of Gpa.  I’m not in a hurry to cover them up.

However, she mentioned it again. Well, just pointed to the stripe in the kitchen.

I know on one level that covering these marks will not make me forget Gpa, but another part of me wants to hang on.  And yet another part of me thinks I have to paint the whole room over again.  A big task, more than I want to take on right now.

This morning, I got the paint and brush out.  Went throughout the house and did touch ups.  Took less than an hour.

Still have my memories and my daughter will be happier as well.

I have to admit, it does look better.Exif_JPEG_422

Like Someone Special

The royal baby is getting a lot of attention as it should be.  Newborn babies are exciting.

All newborn babies are exciting.

Though, not all are treated as someone special.  We forget that all people are important.  If we can’t quickly find value in who you are, we dismiss you or worse throw you away.

We say you can’t take it with you.  You can’t take stuff when you die.  You can take your relationships.

The love and care you have for another, doesn’t die.  It continues on.

I know mom, dad, grandmas and grandpas are all gone.  But the love isn’t. That remains.

And since they are not here to receive that love, I’ll find someone else to give it to.  There’s a lot of special people who don’t know they are.

Wouldn’t the world be a better place if we remembered that we are all royalty, well loved and cared for?  When I remember this,  I am a better person and I have better relationships.


Those Kids are a Mess

“Those kids are a mess.”  is what my neighbor two doors down said to me when I shared that I ran over a football. The two boys outside pointed to each other.  “It’s his.”  

They weren’t playing with it. It was just in the street.  

I was on my way somewhere so I just threw the flattened football on the sidewalk.  At first I thought, “great, I don’t have to do anything because I don’t know whose football it is.”

Um, I was raised to replace what  I broke.  And I ponder a lot and thought.  If  I was a kid, and I was once.  Even if I couldn’t admit it was my football. I’d miss it.

And I was a kid that wouldn’t have admitted it was mine as I would have assumed I would be in trouble.

So last night while running errands I bought a football.  Sometime today I’ll go next door and tell that neighbor I am sorry and that I don’t know who to give the football.

My neighbor two doors down doesn’t think I need to do anything else.  He’s wrong.  I’m an adult and have a responsibility to model the behavior I want to see in others.  I told him I’m a seed planter.  I have faith that even something as small as replacing a football can make a difference.

Those kids don’t have to be a mess.  

A Little Light Reading

Life is hard.

Bad things happen.

All over.

And yet,

Life is good.

Good things happen.

All over.

Took some time out from Chicken TV to read a book.  I had to share. Exif_JPEG_422

Forgive Them, Forgive You

A long time ago,  1991 in fact, I split with my first husband.  It was nasty and messy. I couldn’t live the way we were any longer.

The kids were 2, 4, and 6. I worked hard getting their lives more stable than it had been.  Mine, too.

One of the first things I did was forgive their dad.  I forgave myself as well.

Each time it got crazy, I wiped the slate clean with forgiveness.

It wasn’t until 2005 when he had his first heart attack that my first husband even wanted to be forgiven.

The first time he asked, I told him I forgave him.

But then he kept asking.  Every time we talked, he asked.  I finally told him I had forgiven him a long time ago and he didn’t have to keep asking.

I think he needed to forgive himself. Self forgiveness is as important as forgiving others.

I didn’t forgive him for him way back when in the midst of all the pain and crazy for him.  I did it for me and the kids.  I did it so we could live well.

And we did. And we do.

My prayer for you and yours is a life well lived.



Where is the Grace?

First of all I don’t understand the logic of someone in CA tearing up local neighborhood in protest over something that happened in FL.

I understand protesting but not tearing stuff up, not hurting other people.  Especially over something that happened on the other side of the country.

What if we protested by volunteering and helping someone not like ourselves?

Why are we tearing our neighborhoods apart?

I have told my children for years that we make where we live safe.  We look for opportunities to reach out, to help, to create, to make better.

Spend some time and get to those around us.

When we make a mistake, even a big one, super huge  and colossal, the best way to get back on track is to do what can to correct the situation, ask for forgiveness and move on.

If someone has done something to us, even a big one, super huge and colossal, the best way to get back on track is to come to a place where you can forgive. and move on.

I’m not saying its easy, I am saying its the best otherwise the mistakes pile up and become overwhelming. And we stay stuck.


There has been so much happening, so fast.  I haven’t been sure how to process.  I haven’t been sure what to say.

Is this blog becoming political?  I shy away from this.  I don’t want to get into debates on what is right or wrong.  I don’t want to start flames. Though I do have opinions, my main concern is that we Americans keep our ability to choose.

I had two babies without insurance and without government aide.  I am as stubborn as my husband and I told him I would not got to Parkland.  Our first baby was breach and I got a c-section. We did not go to Parkland and we paid for the bill ourselves.  We had to go on the easy payment plan.  That was the 80’s.  I’m not sure that I’d have this option today.  Today, with no insurance, the hospital of my choice may not take me.

That’s too bad.

It appears to me that our Texas Representatives are not hearing what the different sides are saying.  Not representing constituents.   I called my reps office and in the discussion was told neither side wants to give an inch.  I stated that there is a concern that if the bill becomes a law, the clinics will be closed and free health care will no longer be available. Which includes yearly pap smears to detect cancer.

The response is well, we won’t know until it happens.  After I got off the phone, I thought, why are we pushing something that we don’t fully know the repercussions?

That same day, I took my rescue cat to a mobile unit to be fixed.  And because I live in a low income area, it was free.  We take better care of our animals than other people.

And the courts have shown that this type of law will not be upheld.  It is still being pushed through.

A man in Texas killed a woman because of ….. what ever his story was. He got off.  But we’ll never hear her side of the story.  She died.

Trayvon Martin won’t be able to tell his side of the story either.  He’s dead.

No matter what happened and the outcome, many lives will never be the same.  George Zimmerman may or may not wish he had made a different choice.  But he will have to live with the results of what he did.  So will we.

Another Florida man shot up an SUV full of loud teenagers at a gas station.  He felt threatened. In the blink of an eye.  A life is over.  Many other lives will never be the same.


This is what happens when we live in fear, anger, lack.  When we don’t seek to heal the hurts and right the wrongs.

And because there is so much hurt I hesitate to tell you how excited I am on finding the keys to the back gates.

Why I thought putting them in the bedside table drawer was a good idea, I’ll never know.  It isn’t even the last place I would look.  I found them while looking for something else.

I can now easily weed eat the back alley.  Which is close to being a code violation, if it isn’t already.

I can now order that load of dirt so I can expand my garden and fill in the low places.

Then I can set up a hive and get bees.

And all the while, I will pray for the people who are grieving, hurting, and regretting.