Covering Gpa’s Stripes

It bothers my daughter that there are marks on the walls.  Gpa’s chair has marked the kitchen.  His wheelchair has scarred the hall and the bathroom.

They remind me of Gpa.  I’m not in a hurry to cover them up.

However, she mentioned it again. Well, just pointed to the stripe in the kitchen.

I know on one level that covering these marks will not make me forget Gpa, but another part of me wants to hang on.  And yet another part of me thinks I have to paint the whole room over again.  A big task, more than I want to take on right now.

This morning, I got the paint and brush out.  Went throughout the house and did touch ups.  Took less than an hour.

Still have my memories and my daughter will be happier as well.

I have to admit, it does look better.Exif_JPEG_422

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