Two Weeks Notice

A couple of weeks ago, a friend from the garden found out she had cancer.  She decided that it was terminal when she found out it is rare and spreads fast.  She planned on being dead in a couple of weeks.  by yesterday.

Well, most of the ladies at the garden as well as the church, pray.  I told my friend that I hoped she wasn’t too disappointed if she wasn’t dead when she predicted.  Too many people were praying for healing and otherwise better news than she was expecting.

Last Wednesday she had a CT scan to determine how far the cancer had spread.

Yesterday she came to the garden and gave away a number of items that was near and dear to her heart, that she wanted us to have.  The most important was an angel birdbath that her son who lives in Florida gave her.

She had her other son bring it.  I told her that he wasn’t going to be too happy when he had to lug it back to her house.  She whispered, “then I’ll have someone else do it.”

I understood her looking forward to heaven, I puzzled over her giddiness.  Then I remember a bad job I had when the kids were little.  My husband agreed that I should quit, even without another job lined up as it was too much stress.  The last two weeks I was practically giddy knowing I only had a few more days to deal with the stress.

Today she learned the results.

Good Good news.  She left a message on my phone, so I need to call back and get the details, but the cancer hasn’t spread and the lymph nodes look good.

Be careful of giving a bunch of praying ladies your  two weeks notice, your plans may change,

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