You Need a Man

I made  the mistake of telling our organist that I was picking up my daughter from the bus stop downtown at midnight on Monday.

She said, “You need a Man.”

I almost asked her where I would get one.  haha.  UM but she has a divorced son.  I figured I was entering tricky waters.

I just smiled and said I’d be OK, I’ve picked up Gena from the bus stop downtown at midnight before.

If not having a man stopped me from doing things, I wouldn’t do anything!

I have told my children  that we are responsible for making where we are safer.  Be aware of the area, stay in well lighted areas, keep your keys in your hand, etc.

I do realize that there are people intent on doing evil.  And they will.  But people are assaulted in broad daylight just as much as in the middle of the night.

A man in my life would be nice but Gpa has set a very high standard.  I’ve experienced his loving gaze he had for Gma.  I am happy to wait for a man who will cherish me and look at me like Gpa looked at Gma.  And if he goes downtown with me to pick up the kiddo, that will be a bonus for sure.

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