Why Yesterday Reminded Me of Paris

Yesterday I met with a lawyer.  I haven’t probated Gpa’s will.  He didn’t leave enough in assets.  However, I made the mistake of telling the IRS that Gpa had passed away.  And never got his return.

After many calls to many numbers, I got a live person!  YAY!

He told me that the power of attorney is void when the person dies.  I now have to prove that they can release the return to me. Looked like I was going to have to probate the will.  REALLY?

No, the lawyer looked at the form and said if I check this box: I don’t have a court appointed right. And this box: I will disburse the money and give them a copy of the death certificate.

UM, they have my only copy of the death certificate.  The funeral home was charging me $21 for each copy. Not the usual $21 for the first and $6 for each subsequent.  HMM.

The lawyer gave me an address downtown to get another copy.  Being only 3:30 I figured, I had time to get down there and take care of business and get this finished.

When I got to the window, after filling out the paperwork, I was told not this office.  I have to go back to my car and drive to this other building.  Following the little piece of paper, the street dead ended at the building I wanted but I didn’t see signs for parking.  The next street I came to was one way the wrong direction.  So I drove around the block and parked at a park .   I have one hour free parking. YAY!

I’m so glad it was only 98 degrees outside yesterday instead of the not so distant past 100 + temperatures we’ve been having.

As I was trudging up the hill to an inverted triangle building with extremely wide pathways and very modern sculptures, I noticed my back hurt.  I was rushing as it was 4:00 and the office closes at 4:30.  The signs pointed me to the other end of the building.  But I couldn’t find any direction inside.  So I called the number on the little piece of paper and I was at the wrong end!

This seemed very familiar, when had I been walking with a hurt back in the middle of town around interesting architecture and art?  It took me a bit and then I got it!

I limped all over Paris.

Great memories.  Lillie and I were celebrating graduation.  She got her BA and I got my MBA.  We rented an apartment for a week.  Good thing as she’s a night owl and I’m an early bird.  We would have hated the holiday if we couldn’t go to our own rooms when needed.

Most days we’d pass Notre Dame, walk alongside the Seine for a bit to get to the Metro.  Never did go inside the church.  And the one time we tried to go to the holocaust memorial, we got there 15 minutes before closing and we weren’t allowed in!  Since we had very rudimentary skills in speaking French, we didn’t even attempt to negotiate that we could remember the holocaust in 15 minutes and the gate keeper would still be able to go home on time.

I am so glad that the 15 minutes I had once I got to the window was utilized.  I walked away with a new copy of the death certificate and an unexpected yet lovely trip down memory lane.


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