Today is Giving Day

First I want to say YAY! And THANK YOU!  to everyone that has put this together, matched funds and/or given to the charity, non-profit of their choice.  It is so good to see that there are still people who care about other people.

The choices people make today will make a big difference.  And that is Awesome. Truly Amazing.

However, does only the giving done today count?  What if I am not able to participate?  Though, if I can scrape together $25 it gets matched and I double the good I do.  So I plan to figure out a way to come up with the money.

I have in the last year donated at least 112 hours at the community garden.  This is just on Tuesday mornings, I haven’t been tracking the Monday nights that are official work or other week nights that are unofficial.

How do we value sweat equity? How much is 112 hours worth?  If I was at Habitat for Humanity,  I may have earned a house.   Or if I calculate what I am paid at my job (approx $2,250 net)? Or am I required to bump the dollar amount down to minimum wage?  (approx $812 gross)

If I volunteer or give different than what / when everyone else does, does it count?

For some it doesn’t.  If they don’t see it, it isn’t valid. Those 112 hours have been spent harvesting the pantry plot.  I can’t point to the spots where I have put my time and sweat. So for some, my efforts don’t have a value.

Good thing what they think doesn’t change what I choose to do.

Or does it?  The director who is over all 5 of the gardens doesn’t say hello to me when he comes to our site. When I mention it to other’s, I am told, “that is the way he is”

Um, I see him chatting up a storm with other people.  So it isn’t that he is shy, and it isn’t that he can’t socialize.  So I assume it is because he is rude or doesn’t value me.

He doesn’t see the good I do.  And lately it doesn’t look like I’ve been doing much.  The 3 plots I care for are sorely overrun.  Until last week, the grass has been waist high, the path ways don’t have wood chips, the fence line has wasps and morning glories going to sin (one of the bigger sins).  The disarray makes him look bad.  Very bad.

I have to confess his inability to even say hello to me makes it really hard for me to push the button to give that $25 I’ve scraped together.  This behavior even makes it hard for me to want to give any more volunteer hours into the food pantry plot.  Especially until I get the three plots in the shape they should be.

What I’m thinking I’ll be doing with my dollars is to donate it to the food pantry.  The few times I’ve been over there, people have stopped what they were doing long enough to at least say, “Hello, how are you?”

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  • catterel  On September 19, 2013 at 2:15 pm

    This really resonates with me. When you give and give, and nobody shows any sign of appreciation, it is very discouraging and demotivating. I wish that director could see how his behaviour is affecting you, and probably others. If you stop doing what you are doing, will he even wonder why? Bless you Laura for your labour of love, even if you don’t get a single word of praise.,

    • nothousebound  On September 20, 2013 at 2:38 pm

      And some days, the tasks that need to be done at the garden are overwhelming. Too bad the most prolific weeds don’t have some useful purpose.

  • letstalkaboutfamily  On September 19, 2013 at 6:49 pm

    It is important to feel appreciated. It makes the work feel more worthwhile i bet the people you have worked along with know how hard you are working. I agree with giving to the food bank where you feel more appreciated. Take care.

    • nothousebound  On September 20, 2013 at 2:37 pm

      I do feel appreciated by the people who are there when I work. They are the reason I keep coming back.

      The director doesn’t come often and I am grateful for that. I do know that I can change my behavior, ie say hello first, let him know it bothers me, etc. Just haven’t felt it would be worth the effort.

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