Rain for the Garden

The thing we pray for the most for the garden is rain, a gentle soaking rain.

The weather man has been promising all week, ‘We might get some.”

And we did!  Last night, all night.  It has stopped and it is nice and cool outside.

The hens are happily checking out the yard and all the bugs that have come out from hiding.

This is so good as the seed have started sprouting and the water will give them a boost.   I am so glad I got the plots planted and mulched.  I can’t wait to see how tall the buck wheat has gotten.

The hardest part for me at this time of the season is thinning.  I just put that seed in the ground, and now as the plant comes up, you want me to pull it back out?  How do you know which one to sacrifice and which one to let grow big and strong?



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  • catterel  On September 20, 2013 at 3:20 pm

    Well, jesus had the answer to that: let them both grow together, and when they are ripe pull out the tares!

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