The Law of Gravity

The law of gravity works the same for everyone.  In juggling class. we do things to defy that law.  We throw things up in the air, catch them and then throw them up again.  For as long as we can.  However, gravity is always there and at some point a bean bag, ring, scarf or club gets dropped.

When that happens, the item falls to the ground. Each and every time.  No exceptions.  It’s gonna happen.  Doesn’t matter who you are, or what you believe.

The number one rule I teach in class is It is OK to drop.  If you drop you pick it up.  At the end of class I ask who has dropped.  Usually all the hands go up.  It’s hard sometimes to admit, but they all did and I coach the one(s) who haven’t raised their hands.

When all the hands are up.  I thank the class for following the rule.

Governments create laws as well.  America was founded on the freedom of choice.  Specifically the freedom to choose how to worship God.  Other choices are important as well.  The leaders were chosen to represent their constituents.  And for all I know they did so.

Over time this has changed.  In the recent months both state and federal governments have been pushing their own agenda.  Even in the face of protests by the people.   Not all of them.  In the face of the threat of the government shutting down, some of them are saying they are donating their salary.  Isn’t that nice?

Is it?  They are still a member of the elite.  They are still under a different set of laws and benefits.  They have been defying gravity along with the hold outs.

The ball is dropping. We are watching it fall.  It is scary for many because they have ignored the law.  Or maybe they’ve never been taught the law.  But I say courage, do not fear in this time of change and uncertainty.  Reach out and support those around you with dignity and hope.

Do not become a mindless mob.  For as reasoning people with a choice, we can choose the higher path. Even now.  As things shift.  Remember the greatness of how this country was built.  Remember that as we stand together each individual, unique and precious, we will pick up the ball and begin again.

And maybe the leaders will be a bit more mindful that there are laws that all must follow.





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