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Photo Bombing Dog

I have been meaning to take a picture of the flowers that I arranged with mint, sweet potato tops, tomato sprig and salad burnett but when I started the set up,  I couldn’t get Cagney to get out of the frame.

The more I waved him away, the more he wagged his tail.  So I took the pic and posted it here.

Cagney and flowers

Dog photo bomb picture

Dia de Los Muertos Celebration

Almost the middle of November!  Where is the time going?  I’m still in the middle of July.

Aztec dancers came to the garden November 2. Gpa and I went last year and took pictures of Mom and Grandma.  I told God at that time I didn’t want to be bringing a picture of Gpa but I would bring a picture of Dad.

Well,  sometimes you don’t get your way.  Gpa wouldn’t have gotten to go to the celebration because he had become bed bound.

I had gone to a wedding shower of a friend of Lillie’s.  The bride-to-be likes foxes and dia de los muertos art.  So I went home and drew out a dia de los muertos fox to take to the wedding.

Then I created one of Gpa and one of Dad.  It made me happy to bring such colorful pictures of them and helped me to get into the spirit of celebrating.

Marigolds from Gpa’s plot were used to bless people and I felt more connected to him as they put the petals on my head.  Later I told a friend that we had become flower children.  Of course, we were both born in the 60’s.

I hope you enjoy the art.Exif_JPEG_422