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Gardeners Plant Sticks

Yesterday, I was given some plants that were overflow for the school I was working.  I was reminded to cut the plant back when planted so it would grow.

I didn’t get to plant the flowers until this morning.  The leaves were wilted and looked sad.  However, I’ve done this kind of thing before if not with this flower but with others.  So I got the scissors and cut the plant in half.

Then I divided the clump and planted the sticks in two different locations. Watered and now waiting.

I thought if someone saw me, they’d ask me why I’m planting sticks in my front yard.  I’ll tell them to wait and see.

The season of planting and growth is one of my favorite.  Which is good because I start a new job today.  And true to self, I didn’t ask too many questions.  I know when I go in.  I do not know when I get off or how long I have for lunch.

Don’t know if I’ll ever learn to ask the questions before I leap, but I’m ok with that.   Gonna be exciting to see how the day unfolds, just like watching the sticks put forth leaves and flowers.

One Way A Deadline Helps

I work a 14 hour day tomorrow at my tempt job and start a full time job on Wednesday.  Funny about starting a new routine, gives you motivation to get things done.

These things have  been on my to do list: mending, cleaning the pantry (there’s stuff in there from before I started taking care of Gpa), organize the office.  I got the mending done last night.  This morning the pantry as well as the other kitchen cupboards.

I’ll eat lunch and take a break and then tackle the office.

I also want to plan the menu for the week and get the groceries needed.

Oh, and since it is Memorial day,  today  I’ve been thinking about the people in our family who have fallen while serving our country.  The family didn’t talk much about things like this so I’m sad to report, I only know that my Uncle Neal’s twin brother died and my Grandmother’s cousin is still on the Arizona.

I am thankful for their sacrifice.  I do wonder why I only know one sentence about each of these men. To me that’s sad.  How do I pass that on to my kids and their kids?

First Tomatoes

I’ve been working a part time temporary job.  While I’ve been away, one of the tomato plants I put along the fence line has been doing OK.  I thought they had all died so it was a pleasant surprise to see what I found this morning.

These little guys are smaller than a dime.  I can’t wait to eat them.

tiny tomatoes

tiny tomatoes

Names I’ve Been Called

When I was in elementary school,  I told my mom I didn’t like the boys because they were mean.  She replied that they were mean because they like me.  I replied, “Well, I wish they wouldn’t like me so much.”

That was when we lived in New Mexico.  In the fifth grade I got new glasses and a boy called me a ‘four-eyed frog’.  Didn’t remember what mom said that it might mean he liked me.  and EWWW.  So I took off my glasses and got called a ‘two-eyed toad’  Weren’t you a clever boy?

Still didn’t make me like you.

And not all males will call you names you hate to let you know they like you.

Gpa had some pet names for me.  None of them made me feel bad about myself.  Some of them I indulged him because it made him so happy.  Funny how a little thing can make a person happy.

The first one I remember is Laurala.  Ok whatever.  Though this one dissipated as I grew up.  It’d be nice to hear him call me this again.

Buttons is an inside joke.  We used to spend hours at the fabric store waiting on mom and Gma.  Once to entertain me, he had us figure out what the words on the walls were backwards.  So you may think it’s cute that a grandpa calls his granddaughter Buttons, but he and I know he’s really calling me Snot Tub.

I spent a week at their house the summer I had my wisdom teeth out. I was 16 and he was restoring furniture at the Blackstone hotel.  I got to help him.  I do know how to paint.  He started calling me Mosella.  Don’t remember why.  I think he met some sisters working there and liked how their names rolled off the tongue. My sister got called the other name.  I don’t recall what it was.  And don’t ask me to ask her.  She’ll likely not remember and bring up the time he slapped me.

And that was a  joke.  It didn’t hurt.  Surprised me mostly and the joke fell flat.

When he didn’t approve of what I just said or did, he’d say, “Now, Laura…”

I wouldn’t mind it if I heard him say that either.

Not What it Seems

I love ladybugs.  Not sure I like the poem about them.  That is sad. The children are gone and the house is burned down.

I picked up Ladybug as a nickname on the way to my sister’s wedding rehearsal.  Dad and I were driving to Oklahoma, without the kids.  Their dad had changed his mind about letting them go and picked them up from school before I could.

We were distracted about all that and Dad forgot to stop and get gas.  We ran out.  He always had a can in the trunk so it wasn’t long being on the side of the road.  I walked around and saw ladybugs on a weed.  It was covered.

I looked down the road a bit and saw another weed, the same kind.  I walked to it.  It also was covered in bugs.

When we got to the church, I told my sister about the adventure.  Dad said that was my version.  His version went something like, “Laura wanted to stop and look at ladybugs.  And while we were stopped, I put gas in the car.”

At the garden, I’ve learned to appreciate the other phases of the ladybug.  Can’t just kill every creepy crawly you come across. There are more beneficial bugs in the garden than bad ones.

The ladybug larva

ladybug larvae

Ladybug Larvae

e are out and about and now that I know what they look like,  It’s a joy to see them as well as the adults.





Stories We Tell Ourselves

I was reminded of how long ago mom and Gma had passed away.  It makes me sad to think this year will be the 20th anniversary of their passing.  Why do people celebrate a person’s death.  I think I would still be sad even if I weren’t aware of the time that has passed.  I just wouldn’t know why I was sad and feeling off center.

In the middle of the night Saturday, Toby woke me up retching.  I pushed him off the bed so he wouldn’t throw up on it.  He then went to the door and I knew he wasn’t finished.  I watched him go out into the back yard.  And he was having a problem with one side of his body.  He looked back at me as if I could do something to fix it.

I woke up my daughter and by this time Toby was covered in sweat.  She called and got permission to bring him to work and put him down.  We loaded him up and headed to our last goodbye.

There was an accident that closed the highway.  We got off just in time to not be stuck.  Toby continued to vomit.  It wasn’t looking good inside the car but when we passed the accident, Gena said she saw a body covered with a sheet.  I was sad for the person and the family whose Mother’s day would be sadder than ours.

While we were saying goodbye to Toby, I told him to find my mom and tell her I sent him to be her Mother’s Day present.  She’s a nice lady.  I also told him to find Gpa and have him throw food.  I’m convinced Cagney has told Toby all about the food that used to be thrown from the kitchen table.

It hasn’t totally sunk in yet.  I scooted over on the sofa this morning to make room for Toby.  Oh, yeah,  he’s not here.

I had been thinking how sad Mother’s Day would be without my mom.  But some friends wished me a happy Mother’s Day.  My son called.  I wished my daughter-in-law happy Mother’s Day.  And I made pot roast and sugared strawberries like mom used to do.

The girls came over and we had a great time.

I don’t know if Toby has or will go find mom or Gpa.  He may have people and other loved ones to go hang out with.  I do know that I’m glad he was part of our family this last year.  It was a year he wouldn’t have had if I hadn’t brought him home from the shelter.

Sure Mother’s Day was sad but wasn’t as sad as I told myself it would be. And where it was sad was different than I had told myself.


Breaking the Law

I don’t write much about my dad.  It’s not that I don’t have anything to say, it’s just he’s been gone since 2000.   A lot of people will convert Gpa to my dad when I talk or write about him.  I think it’s because we skip a generation.  And that’s not typical.

Recently, I was sharing with someone that when I read Mad Magazine at my mom’s friends house, I was breaking the law.

Dad had forbidden my sister and I to read it.  You  know if he hadn’t of done that, I’m not sure if I would have read it.  But there wasn’t much to do while mom hung out, so maybe. Though maybe not as titillating as an experience.

The worst thing about being subversive is that there was no dialog. I couldn’t figure out why he didn’t want us to read it.  If I asked, he’d figure out I had read it. And I didn’t want to find out what the consequences would be if he did find out.

The other thing I didn’t understand is that he had a similar sense of humor.  He’d sing “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” when everyone else in the office sang “Happy Birthday” and never got caught.

The best thing about sharing the memory; my friend like that by reading Mad Magazine, I broke the law.

A Rose with a Thorn

A couple of years ago, my daughter planted roses in the front garden patch.  During the winter, they looked like twigs and she thought they were dead.  But she didn’t tell me she was thinking this.

She was happily surprised when the leaves started to unfurl and the buds began to bloom.

Love the welcome home!

Until I get snagged by a thorn.  Can’t tell you how many times I’ve told myself.  I’m going to remember to not walk so close to the roses next time.


Welcome Home Rose

Does It Matter?

That’s what I’ve been asking myself lately.  About a lot of different things.  I’ve been looking for a job since about October of last year.  Not as long as some people, I know but I’ve put in a lot of applications had a few interviews and the savings are running out.

If I tap into my 401k, I’ll take a 20% hit off the top.  I really don’t want to do that.

I’ve had a couple of part time temporary assignments, I’ve found on my own.  Seems like the temp agencies don’t want me working for them.  Odd since the people I have worked with said they would contact me when they have more work.

I’ve been missing Gpa, Gma, mom and other’s who have gone. Died.  Missing them unbearably.

Working in in the garden has helped some.  Seeing the trees and flowers springing to live has helped some.  The frost killing most of the tomato babies did not help at all!

A couple of days ago, my boyfriend and I went out to eat.  (Do you call them boyfriends if you are 50?)  The meal was good.  We enjoyed each others company.  We were both tired so the conversation may not have been very stimulating.  It was nice to have time together.

When we left the restaurant, I saw this little pink flower growing between the parking spot and the curb.  I bent down and yelled at it.  I was so mad!  “What do you think you are doing?”

This is the worst place for a plant to grow.  The plant will struggle it’s entire life.  Someone may consider it a weed and spray it or pull it.  It won’t have much room even if it’s left alone.  So it will be stunted.

My boyfriend pointed out that this flower worked on blooming where it was and here I was yelling at it.

I did point out that all it knows is I’ve given it extra carbon dioxide.  Plants like that.

But I couldn’t stop thinking about it and I went back to see if it was still there. Yep.  So I took a picture.  It looks like a petunia but I”m not sure.  I plan to ask the ladies at the garden tomorrow if they can tell what it is.

I feel like that plant and want to know ‘what do I think I am doing.’  and does it really matter?  I can tell you I haven’t a clue.

Maybe a petunia

In a hard place

Old Friends and New

Because of a new friend, I had the opportunity to work half days during the election in Sachse.  Met some great people and I was going to get to work with my friend.  However, they didn’t have enough voters and I lost the hours I was scheduled.

A couple of days later, I was asked if I’d be willing to work full days in Carrollton.  It takes me an hour to drive  there, but I’m familiar with the area and wanted the hours.  I said yes.

During break, I thought about a friend who lives there I hadn’t seen in a while.  We made plans to have lunch and catch up.

When she picked me up, there was a baby in the car.  Had it been that long?!?!?! Yes, but it wasn’t her baby.  She cares for him during the day.

We caught up with each others family’s.  Even though it had been a hard year, some great things have also been happening.  She encouraged me to move back.  I hadn’t even thought about looking in Carrollton.  If I do get a job there, I”m not going to want to drive over an hour one way each day.  I would plan to move closer.

Which would pull me further away from the friends I’ve made in the last two years.  I will apply in Sachse as well as Carrollton amongst the other places I’m looking and see what pops up first.

And plan to be better about keeping in touch with all of my friends.