It Doesn’t Change Anything

Donald Sterling has been fined and banned for comments that have been released.  It is reported he has replied, “I wish I had just paid her off.”

If he said this, he hasn’t learned anything.  Times have changed and if ever his behavior was acceptable, it isn’t now.

It could be that the consequences is to appease people and had no intend of trying to bring a change in this individual.  That’s too bad.  When my kids were younger, I looked for consequences that matched the issue and would encourage the behavior I wanted them to exhibit.

Sure the kids had loss of monetary gain and time-outs, but there were also volunteer work and extra chores.  And by being selective in the correction, the kids learned better behavior.

It is unfortunate that the correction for Donald doesn’t serve to help him grow as a person.  Even 80 year old’s can learn from their mistakes.  Maybe if he were to perform community service where he interacted with people who are different instead of isolating him and docking his net worth.

But then again, it may be we don’t care so much about who Donald is as a person, just what he says and does.

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