Old Friends and New

Because of a new friend, I had the opportunity to work half days during the election in Sachse.  Met some great people and I was going to get to work with my friend.  However, they didn’t have enough voters and I lost the hours I was scheduled.

A couple of days later, I was asked if I’d be willing to work full days in Carrollton.  It takes me an hour to drive  there, but I’m familiar with the area and wanted the hours.  I said yes.

During break, I thought about a friend who lives there I hadn’t seen in a while.  We made plans to have lunch and catch up.

When she picked me up, there was a baby in the car.  Had it been that long?!?!?! Yes, but it wasn’t her baby.  She cares for him during the day.

We caught up with each others family’s.  Even though it had been a hard year, some great things have also been happening.  She encouraged me to move back.  I hadn’t even thought about looking in Carrollton.  If I do get a job there, I”m not going to want to drive over an hour one way each day.  I would plan to move closer.

Which would pull me further away from the friends I’ve made in the last two years.  I will apply in Sachse as well as Carrollton amongst the other places I’m looking and see what pops up first.

And plan to be better about keeping in touch with all of my friends.

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