Not What it Seems

I love ladybugs.  Not sure I like the poem about them.  That is sad. The children are gone and the house is burned down.

I picked up Ladybug as a nickname on the way to my sister’s wedding rehearsal.  Dad and I were driving to Oklahoma, without the kids.  Their dad had changed his mind about letting them go and picked them up from school before I could.

We were distracted about all that and Dad forgot to stop and get gas.  We ran out.  He always had a can in the trunk so it wasn’t long being on the side of the road.  I walked around and saw ladybugs on a weed.  It was covered.

I looked down the road a bit and saw another weed, the same kind.  I walked to it.  It also was covered in bugs.

When we got to the church, I told my sister about the adventure.  Dad said that was my version.  His version went something like, “Laura wanted to stop and look at ladybugs.  And while we were stopped, I put gas in the car.”

At the garden, I’ve learned to appreciate the other phases of the ladybug.  Can’t just kill every creepy crawly you come across. There are more beneficial bugs in the garden than bad ones.

The ladybug larva

ladybug larvae

Ladybug Larvae

e are out and about and now that I know what they look like,  It’s a joy to see them as well as the adults.





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