Gardeners Plant Sticks

Yesterday, I was given some plants that were overflow for the school I was working.  I was reminded to cut the plant back when planted so it would grow.

I didn’t get to plant the flowers until this morning.  The leaves were wilted and looked sad.  However, I’ve done this kind of thing before if not with this flower but with others.  So I got the scissors and cut the plant in half.

Then I divided the clump and planted the sticks in two different locations. Watered and now waiting.

I thought if someone saw me, they’d ask me why I’m planting sticks in my front yard.  I’ll tell them to wait and see.

The season of planting and growth is one of my favorite.  Which is good because I start a new job today.  And true to self, I didn’t ask too many questions.  I know when I go in.  I do not know when I get off or how long I have for lunch.

Don’t know if I’ll ever learn to ask the questions before I leap, but I’m ok with that.   Gonna be exciting to see how the day unfolds, just like watching the sticks put forth leaves and flowers.

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