Surprises in the Garden

This morning I got up and did yard work.  After taking care of the lawn, I trimmed the sunflowers.  Some of the leaves were in my way and one was getting so heavy, it leans now.

Then I noticed the four o’clocks have seeds.  So I collected them.  And I found a caterpillar.  Only the one.  I would have thought there would have been a slew of them.  But I couldn’t find another one.

I sat on the lounge chair to cool off and watch the bees cavort with the sunflowers.  Other beneficials flittered around the plants I have for them.  One orange one didn’t find what it wanted.  It would flitter from patch to patch, go over the fence, then back again.

Too bad the passion vine blooms hadn’t opened yet.

I sat and enjoyed until the house no longer shaded the yard.  It’s supposed to get 100 degrees today.

I’ll check on the caterpillar later when it gets cooler. Gpa would have know what kind it is.



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