Isn’t it Political Asylum?

The images that accompany US / Mexico border issues are of children from Central America in dog kennels.  Leaders are pushing to send the children back and to beef up security on the border.

These children are coming many miles alone.

Why aren’t we asking why?

As a mother, I can only imagine how severe the conditions are at home to send a child so far away. Alone. In droves.

The parents of these children want a better life for their children.  These parents are wanting life for their children.   They are taking desperate measures because they are desperate.

Our eyesight is only on the border where the children are coming into our country.  Is anyone looking to see what is happening in their country?

If they are fleeing in fear of their lives, aren’t they seeking political asylum?   And if it is, would we still be gathering them up and putting them in dog kennels?





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  • letstalkaboutfamily  On July 21, 2014 at 1:24 pm

    You are so right! They are fleeing violence and coming across our borders for refuge. How can we, as Christians and as humans, turn our backs on them? If they were Cuban children, they would get immediate refuge. This is political and frustrating to watch.

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