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Love the Them

As I struggle with the horrors I see on the news, I cry out to my maker on the injustices that abound.

Why are their children living in dog kennels?

Why are UN buildings being bombed?

Why are young men in America being shot down in the streets?

How can “they” do this?

And I ask my maker, “What are you going to do about it?”

The reply?



Love them?

How could I possibly love perpetrators? I did not dismiss this exhortation.  I pondered it.  How could I love what is happening and those who are making it happen?

And then I remembered a Kurt Vonnegut short story my daughter had me read.

It is about a young mother who has just given birth and something is wrong.  She fears the baby will die.  She begs the doctor to save her baby.  Her passion and love for her baby became my own.  I loved and hoped that this baby will survive.  (isn’t amazing how we can get wrapped up in a story)

And then the doctor assures the mother that the baby will be fine.

He addresses her as Mrs. Hitler.

For a brief moment I have loved Adolf Hitler. I have to confess that when I read the story, I felt tricked.

But now I know, if I can love Hitler, even for a brief moment, I can LOVE THE THEM.

We’ll see what happens as I put this new focus into play in my life.  Will you LOVE THE THEM as well?

Where Are You Mr. President?

In the light of recent events in Ferguson, MO, I am wondering why the president is not going himself to see the state of affairs.

The biggest problem I see in what has happened is that police officers in many parts of the country have gone from being enforcers of the peace to judge, jury and executioner all during one event.

And at the same time, civilians think they have rights.  They haven’t been made aware that  a shift has happened.  They have been found guilty and dangerous.  Any non-compliance with an officer of the law, could result in swift and permanent results including death.

Of course there will be a clash.  You can’t have one group of people thinking another group of people have no rights and those people think they have certain unalienable rights.

Mr. President, your silence is sending a message loud and clear that American citizens do not have the rights they thought they have.  And if that is not the message you want to send, then let us know.

You are our leader.  Why aren’t you leading? I’m not talking about more military action.  I’m talking about hearing the pain, fear and frustration on both sides and figuring out a way to dismantle the powder keg in a way that heals, brings peace and understanding.

Many of us civilians would love to live in a country where the citizens can live peacefully in the melting pot that made this country great. But we aren’t.

What are your goals for America?

A Pavilion of Possibilities

I am reading the book –  Art of Possibility: Transforming Professional and Personal Life by Rosamond Stone Zander and Benjamin Zander.

I listened to Benjamin’s Ted talk and wanted to know more.

I like that it is an easy read but it goes deep.  Each chapter gives a different way of looking at things, at life.

It made me think of the Pavilion at the garden.  At first glance it may not look like much.  But you may be seeing it on a day when no one is around.  Like in the picture.

But I have done the following at the pavilion:

  • sorted vegetables for the food pantry
  • harvested seed from the garden
  • eaten grilled hot dogs and freshly made ice cream
  • watched kids hit a pinata
  • performed camp songs for refugees
  • hung out with my Gpa
  • drank lemonade at 10 p.m. with fellow gardeners
  • juggled and showed others how
  • Played the violin and attracted a Mockingbird.  (I told it not to learn the song I was playing because I was still a bit off)
  • watched a hummingbird visit the Turk’s Cap
  • bought spring transplants
  • participated in a blessing of the garden service
  • got to know some great people better

I’m looking forward to what else I’ll be doing at the pavilion.

Community Garden Pavilion

Community Garden Pavilion



Who Do You Tell?

In the light of recent events, I heard a radio DJ exhort anyone who had thoughts of suicide to tell someone.

I don’t think it is as easy as that. Who does one tell? And when?  Sometimes those thoughts are fleeting as one tries to brainstorm solutions for a difficult situation.  They will not be acted on so no need to discuss.

When I was 15, I told my dad I needed help.  He asked me why and his response to my telling him I was thinking of killing myself was that getting help would be far worse.

I didn’t get help.

I don’t remember telling my sister but I must have because she’ll bring it up time and again.  She is still worried.  So I wouldn’t tell her.

In my 30’s I got help for grief.  Mom and Gma had died within months of each other.  Dad was proud I got help.  But it was a different sort. I wasn’t suicidal, just very sad. And it did help.

My children are adults now but I wouldn’t tell them.  I wouldn’t want to burden them.

I’ve got some friends that I feel are close enough I could tell.  But what would I say?  If I voice it, it makes it too real.

And I think there is still a stigma on the issue of suicide.  So to confess that one is thinking about it, is confessing one of the most terrible things. How can  you think those thoughts?

And I wouldn’t tell a stranger, I don’t want to be locked up.

So if I needed to tell someone, who would I tell?  I don’t have an answer.

I do think that those kinds of thoughts have more power when hope is lost.  Where do we find hope when it is lost? How do we share hope with ourselves? with others? Even a glimmer of hope has extraordinary power.

glimmer of hope

glimmer of hope


Sunday in the Park

Sunday I went to the park and juggled to get pictures.  First because juggling is fun and second because I’m expanding my teaching and want pictures for my new website.

I love taking my props to the park.  No worries about the ceiling being too low.  Have a great view and get to meet new people.

This picture reminds me of Georges Seurat’s painting Sunday in the Park.

Wish Gpa had been here to enjoy the day with me.2014-08-03 06.15.59

Flower Update

Remember the post with the pic of a stick with a couple of leaves?

This weekend I saw a bud on that plant.  The one I got when I worked the election.  And yesterday it bloomed!

What a great way to start the week.

I hope your week has started out just as well.

Oh, and I talked to my grandson yesterday.  He thanked me for the birthday gift.  I asked him to ask his mom what she wants as her birthday is next.

He started to ask then whispered to me.  “I don’t have to ask.  I can read Mom’s mind.  She wants an ice cream machine.  That way when we don’t have any ice cream she can make some.”

I agreed with him that was a great plan.  If she doesn’t tell me an alternative, an ice cream machine it will be!