Love the Them

As I struggle with the horrors I see on the news, I cry out to my maker on the injustices that abound.

Why are their children living in dog kennels?

Why are UN buildings being bombed?

Why are young men in America being shot down in the streets?

How can “they” do this?

And I ask my maker, “What are you going to do about it?”

The reply?



Love them?

How could I possibly love perpetrators? I did not dismiss this exhortation.  I pondered it.  How could I love what is happening and those who are making it happen?

And then I remembered a Kurt Vonnegut short story my daughter had me read.

It is about a young mother who has just given birth and something is wrong.  She fears the baby will die.  She begs the doctor to save her baby.  Her passion and love for her baby became my own.  I loved and hoped that this baby will survive.  (isn’t amazing how we can get wrapped up in a story)

And then the doctor assures the mother that the baby will be fine.

He addresses her as Mrs. Hitler.

For a brief moment I have loved Adolf Hitler. I have to confess that when I read the story, I felt tricked.

But now I know, if I can love Hitler, even for a brief moment, I can LOVE THE THEM.

We’ll see what happens as I put this new focus into play in my life.  Will you LOVE THE THEM as well?

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  • Lillie  On October 16, 2014 at 4:51 am

    *Roald Dahl wrote it

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