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Prince Ea Why This World Should End and What the Wolves Did

I have been avoiding watching the video that Prince Ea did  “Why I Think This World Should End”  I’ve been struggling with what is in the news but I want to look for hope not more reasons the world is a mess.  But I watched it today after the following wolves in Yellowstone National Park.

Prince Ea points out what is going on that is wrecking the world but in the end he offers a solution.  It starts with an individual.

Before I watched the video, I wanted to point out that I see in the garden that there is hope for this world.  Not only do the plants and insects and animals know what to do.  Sometimes people participate.  Our community garden feeds hungry people.  Tons of food have been grown and donated over the years.

But I saw this video  on what has happened at Yellowstone National Park.  Yep, there is hope for this world.

And we can choose to be part of the awesomeness, or not.

For me, I choose awesomeness.



The Difference of a Day

I had an opportunity to borrow a camera from work.  I wanted to take pictures of my juggling props for my juggling wesite

I had stuck some sweet potato vine in a vase and one of the leaves had started to turn yellow in an interesting way.  It had diagonal yellow stripes creating an inverted V.

I didn’t grab the camera, I thought, I’ll take a picture of that when I take pictures of the props.

Not a good idea.  The leaf was curled up when I got up.  So I went to the garden to find something similar.

NOPE, not a single leaf was anything close to what I had had the day before.

I got some great pics and am sharing one with you here.  But it’s not the one I wanted to share.  All because I waited one day.

What are you missing because of waiting?

fall passion vine leaf

fall passion vine leaf

A Shaft of Rainbow

I really wish I had a camera the other day.  On the way to work, there was a shaft of rainbow streaming out of the sky. (my daughter says I shouldn’t use shaft to describe it but the rainbow was piercing the veil)  How else would you describe a beam of color coming straight down out of the sky?  There was no curve to this beautiful refraction of light.

It reminded me of a promise made long ago.  A promise that I doubted could be or would be realized.  And my heart was eased a bit.



Stalker Ladybug or Is It?

I have noticed that I’ve been a little jumpy lately.  It started when I was in the garden. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw that a bug had landed on me.

I reacted quickly and swatted it off.  As it fell, I saw it was a ladybug.  I felt bad.  If I had known it was a ladybug, I would have been careful about getting it off of me.

Then, when I got home after  the last day of juggling at Cedar Hill Library, I got out of my car and quickly swatted off a bug.

Yep, another ladybug.  This one was a big one! Again I was sorry how I reacted.

Watering the backyard the other day, it happened again.  But I wasn’t too worried, just curious on why the ladybugs would be so interested in me all of a sudden.

But last night.  What happened last night, has me pondering on there being a more sinister plot happening. I don’t want to alarm anyone especially since I like ladybugs so much.  That I have a yard that is bug friendly may be all it is.

However, as I was sitting down on the sofa waiting for my daughter to come watch TV, I felt something on my neck.  So I swatted it off. (nice to know I have quick reflexes) And a ladybug fell onto the sofa!!!!!!

A big one.

I grabbed the end of my chopstick and let the ladybug climb aboard. I took it out to the sunflowers.  As I walked I looked it in the eye(s) and talked to it about my not being an aphid. and for my being sorry for swatting at it.

I felt like I had had a close call with a vampire!

This morning, there was a ladybug on the kitchen floor.  A big one.  I’m beginning to think it’s the same ladybug.

Stalking me.


Same Plot, Different Landscape

I really resisted taking out the tomato plants.  Well, it was really the cages.  Only 1 tomato survived the early frosts and then summer heat.  The weeds got away from me and the grass growing in my plot was almost as tall as the tomato cages.

So I’m not sure why I resisted pulling this all out and putting in the fall crop.  But over the Labor Day weekend, That’s what I did.

I had a list of things that would be good to grow in the fall and also had some sweet potato tops that had rooted.

I don’t recognize my plot!  Where I had a 10×20 area that was 3 feet tall, I have an area where I have teeny-tiny seedlings.

Everyday before work, I stop and water.  The beans are taller than the little lettuces but I still have to bend over to tell them hello!

Visiting Mom, Gma and Gpa

In 1994, 20 years ago, my Gma passed away due to complications of cancer.  The girls and I went to visit the gravesite this weekend.  Gpa and my Mom are there as well.

It was a good visit,  a time of remembering.  We also walked around and looked at other sites.  We even discussed where and how we would like to be laid to rest.

It doesn’t feel like it’s been 20 years.  The time has flown by.  Lillie thinks it has to do with fractions.  I asked her to explain.  When we are young, any event or amount of time is a larger portion relative to your entire life.  And as you get older, smaller and smaller amounts.

That made sense to me.  A co-workers 4 year old told me they would be going to the beach for a month.  But in reality, dad said it would be a week.  But for a 4 year old, a week is a longer period of time relatively.

I also went to the garden to get some fall crops planted.  While on a break, I took some pictures.  There are 4 new kitties at the garden because we still haven’t been able to catch April Fool.  I am spending time at the garden close to April Fool hoping to use the trust I’ve built up to catch her before she gets caught by the tom again. The kits will be needing a new home soon as well.  Let me know if you want one!