Stalker Ladybug or Is It?

I have noticed that I’ve been a little jumpy lately.  It started when I was in the garden. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw that a bug had landed on me.

I reacted quickly and swatted it off.  As it fell, I saw it was a ladybug.  I felt bad.  If I had known it was a ladybug, I would have been careful about getting it off of me.

Then, when I got home after  the last day of juggling at Cedar Hill Library, I got out of my car and quickly swatted off a bug.

Yep, another ladybug.  This one was a big one! Again I was sorry how I reacted.

Watering the backyard the other day, it happened again.  But I wasn’t too worried, just curious on why the ladybugs would be so interested in me all of a sudden.

But last night.  What happened last night, has me pondering on there being a more sinister plot happening. I don’t want to alarm anyone especially since I like ladybugs so much.  That I have a yard that is bug friendly may be all it is.

However, as I was sitting down on the sofa waiting for my daughter to come watch TV, I felt something on my neck.  So I swatted it off. (nice to know I have quick reflexes) And a ladybug fell onto the sofa!!!!!!

A big one.

I grabbed the end of my chopstick and let the ladybug climb aboard. I took it out to the sunflowers.  As I walked I looked it in the eye(s) and talked to it about my not being an aphid. and for my being sorry for swatting at it.

I felt like I had had a close call with a vampire!

This morning, there was a ladybug on the kitchen floor.  A big one.  I’m beginning to think it’s the same ladybug.

Stalking me.


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