The Difference of a Day

I had an opportunity to borrow a camera from work.  I wanted to take pictures of my juggling props for my juggling wesite

I had stuck some sweet potato vine in a vase and one of the leaves had started to turn yellow in an interesting way.  It had diagonal yellow stripes creating an inverted V.

I didn’t grab the camera, I thought, I’ll take a picture of that when I take pictures of the props.

Not a good idea.  The leaf was curled up when I got up.  So I went to the garden to find something similar.

NOPE, not a single leaf was anything close to what I had had the day before.

I got some great pics and am sharing one with you here.  But it’s not the one I wanted to share.  All because I waited one day.

What are you missing because of waiting?

fall passion vine leaf

fall passion vine leaf

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