My House as a Storage Unit

Part of my overwhelmedness I believe is that my house is not a home.  It has become a storage unit.  Not only do I have things that belong to my children. Well of course the one that lives here but the other two as well.

My son has a few boxes in the attic but my daughter has furniture as well strewn across several rooms.

I also have items that belong to those who have gone on.  I’ve been meaning to go through Gpa’s closet and make it a space usable for me.  Every time I open that door.  I see boxes with labels of ‘pictures’ and ‘carvings’ .  I shut the door.

Not ready to go through those items.  How does one get rid of pictures?

I figured it out!  My sister took the pictures that dad had and have them converted to disc. We both have 2 disks with over 400 pictures!

Some I don’t remember ever seeing. Like this one of my dad.  Dad!  Looks like my son.

My dad

Larry Atwell

So the last couple of days, I’ve gone through a box or two.  I’ve got a nice little pile of pictures to scan.  I also ran across a few framed picture collections and I set them aside to hang.

I have a scanner, I am thinking I’ll do the scanning and give the kids and my sister disks of pics for Christmas!

We’ll all have copies of memories AND I’ll have my closet back.

Did I mention there are more boxes of pictures in the garage?

Good thing I’m starting this project now.  Plenty of time to get it done by Christmas.


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