Dia De Los Muertos

This is the third year I’ve gone to the garden to celebrated Dia De Los Muertos.  The first year, Gpa went with me.  Last year, he was one of the people I brought a picture of to place on the alter.

This year, I’ll be celebrating my daughter in laws mother, and my son’s dad. They both loved coffee and hot peppers.

I’m sorry John and Rocio won’t be here to celebrate their parents with me.  But I know they would be here if they could.

I am glad to take some time to reflect on the lives of these two people who have been a part of two people I love very much.  Both left too soon and both are missed.  I plan to encourage John and Rocio to talk to their kids about these two who are no longer here.

Starting with the basic cascade pattern you can easily throw in a variation or two Over the top with the right hand Over the top with the left hand If you drop, remember the first rule to Juggling club:  "It's OK to drop"  If you drop, pick it up. One up in the middle a couple of times into the basic cascade and then  one up the middle with two crossing over the top for more information go to howtojuggle123.com You can also subscribe to this channel to get more

Remembering a mom and a dad during Dia De Los Muertos

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