First Coat of Paint

This re-flooring project has been a happy and sad one for me.

As I go through items, move furniture, pull up carpet, memories  are brought to mind.  I am glad for the thoughts of other days and loved ones no longer here on this earth.  Then the sadness washes over me.  Waves of grief.  l stop what I am doing and cry.

I’ve been told the best way to deal with grief is to let it happen.  Don’t resist it.  Feel the feeling then move on.

Makes me wonder if the speaker has had this type of grief. Tsunami strength.  The type to sweep you away with it. It isn’t easy to let the waters of grief envelope you and cover your entire being.

At the point  I think I am drowning, I realize I am holding my breath.  So I breathe. Lately when people indicate they are having a bad day.  I tell them, “remember to breathe.”

On the surface it sounds like silly advice. But from where I am, it is good to remember and to focus on something as basic and life giving as breath.

I took the picture of the first coat of paint to have a reference.  I don’t know how I’m going to do the den and master bed room. Maybe have it be a solid color as in the picture.

I looked at the picture the other day and with the art on the wall, it kinda looks like a yin/yang symbol.  Though the little shapes should be circles and opposite from each other.

Still I like the idea of an accidental symbol, waiting to be noticed.

first coat of paint

first coat of paint

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