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Creativity Process

Sometimes it takes a while to figure out a solution to a project.  Like the carpet replacement project took 2 years to determine to paint the concrete underneath, I have a Santa shirt that needed something.

I wanted the top Santa to be juggling.  At first I thought to embroider the props. But I didn’t want to do needle work on the shirt.  I don’t think the fabric is thick enough to hold up well to that type of treatment.

So the shirt hung in my closet.  I decided that this year, I was going to finish this project. This weekend I thought I’d go through my button collection and use buttons as props.

THEN I got a great idea, I think the idea came from watching Polar Express.

I have little jingle bells!  I put little jingle bells on the shirt where juggling props would go.

I think that is the best.  What do you think?

juggling santa shirt

Juggling santa shirt

Christmas Wishes from Gpa for 2007 and 2015

As I was going through stuff to prepare for painting the floor, I came across Gpa’s 2006 Christmas letter.  It was the last one before he was diagnosed with Dementia.  It was a bittersweet discovery.  I wanted to share with you his wit, his wishes and his love.  In his letter he shares what he’d like for us in 2007.  I’m sure he would want the same for us in 2015.  And I do, too! er, as well (as Gpa would say)   I typed it as he wrote it.


Christmas 2006    Dear Family+ and Friends

It is getting to look a lot like Christmas, with all the decorations going up and the stores full of shoppers.  My two granddaughters Laura and Vickie and my two greatgranddaughters, Lillie and Virginia Rose, who live in Dallas, came over to see me and have Thanksgiving with me here at Trinity Terrace.  Every holiday, Trinity Terrace puts on a big meal to celebrate the holidays and guests are welcome.  My two granddaughters and two greatgranddaughters aways like to come over and celebrate holidays and get good meals!  We always have a good time.  Laura works at the University and at the same time is working on her masters degree. Vickie works for a jewelry store and is required to wear the stores jewelry while she is at work.

My great grand son who is in the Marines didn’t get to be with us Thanksgiving but he will be with us at Christmas.  He has spent ten months in Iraq.  His unit came back to the States in July and the summer was spent in the desert practicing.

I told you I started a big woodworking shop here at Trinity Terrace one year after I moved in.  Word soon got around here at Trinity Terrace that George could fix anything.

I surely have fixed a lot of things for the residents. Everything from gluing chairs and picture frames together to adjusting an electric toothbrush and fixing earrings, coffee percolator and one lady wanted me to fix her dentures.

I didn’t take that job.

There is a monthly meeting of all the units and since I am the chair person of the shop unit, I report all the things I did during the month.  I said I fixed a lady resident’s drawers.  I realized immediately that I had made a blunder; so I said excuse me; I want to clarify that statement a bit. So I said I fixed a lady resident dresser drawers.

President Bush is very interested in people doing volunteer work.  So, to show his interest he has developed the President’s Volunteer Service Award Program. The people that have put in 5000 hours of volunteer work receive an award which includes a nice award pin and a beautiful framed certificate. At the Harris Hospital where I have volunteered for ten years and have earned 7,800 hours of volunteer work. So I received the award. At Trinity Terrace there are 230 volunteers.  Out of the 230, forty five of us received the award.

I am in good health and hope to keep that way. I hope that this finds you in good health and I also hope the You have a very merry Christmas and that 2007 will be the very best you have ever had.

With love George Scott