Bird Poo Tree

The community garden has a Hackberry tree along the fence line in the back.  In front of it, we have some pear trees and we are amending the soil behind it to continue the orchard.

Becky calls it a trash tree.  I showed it to my grand-children the other day and remembered a story Gpa told.

You see the birds will eat the seeds of plants and while they sit on the fence, they will poop it out.  The poop feeds the seed and the tree will grow undisturbed for the fence will help protect it.

No one has been caring for this tree and it’s been allowed to grow however it wants.  I think if we took some time and trimmed it up a bit, it would be fun to sit in it’s shade and have a picnic.  I think I’ll make a sign so other’s can enjoy Gpa’s story.

Thanks, Birds!

trash tree

trash tree

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