Silly Grandma Sophie

There is a large Ash tree at the community garden.  Estimated age is over 100 years old.  That’s a long time ago.  This tree has seen a lot and survived.

I had the opportunity to take a baby, volunteer, trash tree that is an Ash from the garden.  I’ve planted it in my back yard.  It is about knee high.  I wasn’t sure if it would take for my soil is red clay and very compacted.  But after the current leaves shriveled and a bunch of rain, there are new leaves!  I’m so excited.

So is Sophie, she’s turning 6 this year.  She’s under 3 feet tall but she towers over the tree.  I told her mother that one day in the future, when the tree is grown and we are gone, Sophie will be able to tell her grandchildren, “I remember when I was taller than this tree.”

Her grandchildren will think she is silly for when was she ever taller than 10 feet tall?

It is a bitter sweet thing to plant a tree.  I hope this one gets to be as old as it’s parent.  But I do know that developers and planners like to tear everything in their path and start from scratch.  So the odds aren’t really in favor of the tree.  But the one at the community garden is in a good spot and has been able to grow and flourish.  I want that for this little tree as well.

And maybe Sophie will one day be able to tell her grandchildren she remembers a time when she was taller than a tree.

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