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Cecil the Lion and the Dentist

An American went to Zimbabwe to hunt big game.  His expert guides lured an animal from a reserve so the hunter could use his bow and arrow.

The hubris thinking he is better than others because he has trophies of big game from around the world hanging on the walls. He wants people to honor and adore him for his Olympian efforts.

How is parading an animal in front of you to shoot hunting?

I hit a target in front of me when I play darts. And nothing has to die.

This particular lion happened to be collared, and beloved.  The American is sorry now.  He’s not sorry he killed the lion.  He’s sorry people are upset.  So sorry he is not receiving the conquering hero’s welcome home.

Makes me stop and ponder, where is hubris in my life?  In what areas do I think I should receive the conquering hero’s welcome home?  And whether the times have changed and I will be sorry for upsetting people instead.





Sophie’s Sunflowers

Sophie sunfllower

Sophie’s sunflower

Silly people, I being one, we like to attach meanings and create alliterations.

I don’t know how much Sophie likes Sunflowers but I do know she has told her mother the flowers at school have told Sophie to pick them to give to mother.

so I would think she would like the jungle of sunflowers I have in my back yard.

I have picked a few to make this bouquet.  Sunflowers do not cooperate in vases very well.  AND the plants are very touchy-feely.  They dropped seeds on me as well as patted my back and head as I worked in the garden.

I brought the flowers into the house to surprise Sophie when she wakes up.  We are celebrating her birthday today.  Yesterday I brought her strawberries.

She will tell you she was born to eat strawberries.  An appropriate birthday gift to be sure.

I have been struggling with how hard life is and can be.  It is good to take a moment and look at how beautiful and good life can be.

And Miss Phie shared a strawberry with me!

Ayn Rand’s Biblical Principle

From what I gleaned from reading her books The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged, she advocated all get a daily wage.  The same daily wage.

In Matthew 20:1-14, Jesus states that Heaven is like a landowner who pays all the laborers the same wage.

So if we want Heaven here on Earth, wouldn’t we want all who work to be paid a living wage?

What would happen if all were able to live on the wages they brought home?

Maslow has some things to say about that as well.

Thoughts on Bill Cosby’s Charges

I try not to watch the news.  However, it is everywhere and I do hear and see things.  I was sorry to hear about Bill Cosby’s charges. Very serious indeed.

I hadn’t thought I’d speak up until I saw a comment on Facebook.  Something about those women went to his room expecting something. UMMM I don’t think they expected to be drugged by a well loved public figure.

Sure, people spend time with other people for a variety of reasons.  I don’t think we should have the attitude, you get what you get.

Maybe they wanted some career advice, maybe they thought they were meeting someone they could trust, maybe, maybe, maybe.  And even if they had wanted a celebrity notch on their belt, they would have wanted it consensual.

I’m sorry to see that people are inclined to blame the victim.

What if he had drugged men? Would the response be the same? Or children?

How would we as a society have reacted if this was done by someone else? Someone who lives down the street, or a co-worker? Would we be so quick to blame the victims? Probably, that’s why victims don’t speak up.

NOTE TO SELF: If I don’t want to get what I get, have all meetings in public places. This will reduce the chances of becoming a victim but this is not a guarantee.




Words of Encouragement

A friend I haven’t seen in years called the other day.  I hadn’t replied to her good wishes on the 4th.  I meant to. But I didn’t know what to say.  I don’t like where I am right now.

I am trying to process that God has me in a job that won’t pay all the bills, the death of some very loved ones, and the feeling that the world is tearing itself apart so why bother.

Oh how we both needed the call.  We gave each other words of encouragement.  She happily shared her husband started a new job.  A dream job.  One they had been praying for him to get for years.

I know, I’ve been praying along with them. I got to rejoice in the news.

She has some detractors in her husbands family.  I reminded her that both she and her husband had met at a very dark time for both of them.  God knew there were two candles in danger of going out and He had them meet.

We also talked about the time I helped her get her stuff from her ex-husband.  She was so afraid of him, she didn’t want to go into the house.  Until we prayed.  She’s still struggling with her feelings about all the things he did.

I told her to tell God that she is willing to forgive but she doesn’t feel it right now.  That is all He requires, acknowledge where you are and where you’d like to be.

Feelings are feelings, they are not good nor are they bad.  They just are. Feel them, let them flow.  Forgiveness is a choice.  It is a process of letting go.  And you may have to do it many times. And that is OK.

And her words of encouragement were just what my heart and myself needed to hear.  I am where God wants me.  (I don’t have to fully understand why to be OK with where I am) And God is happy with me.

God is happy with me.

That is good to know.  I can take that thought with me each day as I go into the world and be who and where I am.

Metaphorically speaking, I’m a Stew

Yesterday, I spent the day baking Verlasso Salmon at work and sampling it out.  Nice and simple, salt, pepper and olive oil, 400 degree oven for 8 minutes and then a squeeze of lemon when it was done.

verlasso salmon

verlasso salmon


My favorite moment was when a woman told me she had never eaten salmon before.  I was so glad she got to taste the good stuff.

While cleaning up one batch, there were some little bits that I thought would be great to put in the soup pot.

And I realized that is what I am. It would be great to be a salmon needing only a few ingredients to shine, but I am a bunch of different bits simmering to meld all the flavors into a great new dish.

And the thought of that made me smile.



A Moment with a Robin

Earlier this year, I noticed a pair of dove nesting in my front tree.  It was nice to know that life was going on even as I felt stalled by transition and loss.

Then I noticed a Robin, late in the season.  Was something wrong with it?  Why was it still here?  Maybe the rains and temperature have kept it from migrating.

Or maybe I’ve just never paid attention after seeing the first Robin of Spring.  Wouldn’t that be funny?  I see the first Robin of Spring, mark it off my list and don’t see anymore until the next Spring.

So the other day after I got home from work, I went into the back yard to putter. Just to check on things really.  The robin flew to the fence and began to sing to me. I stopped my puttering and watched him a bit.

And I wished I understood him better.

Was he calling to his lady? Was he trying to tell me something? Did he consider me at all? I don’t know, I went back into the house.

What if…We Practiced the Year of Jubilee?

The whole world is in debt. Major debt.  OK so maybe not all but enough to cause concern.  What happens if a country goes bankrupt?  If one falls, will more? Then what?

Will the creditors then own the country? Will they rule? Can they?

Is there a way to bail out a country?  Who has the means to do so?  Would they be willing if we asked them?

What would happen if all debts around the world were marked paid in full?  What if all countries, businesses and persons were wiped clean and all were able to start fresh?

I don’t have an economic calculator.  So I can’t run the numbers. But these would be interesting exercises to do.

And then maybe do incremental scenarios. What if all debt was split in half, quartered, etc. What if half the countries default, one fourth, etc.

Do we have to let the play run the course or can we step back and do some figuring before the first domino falls?


When Taking Your Right isn’t Right

Yesterday a co-worker approached me in the break room about a news story that was on the TV. He wanted my opinion.  I told him he didn’t really want it.

I knew he didn’t want it because I wasn’t going to say what he wanted to hear.  I also was reluctant to express it because I don’t follow the news and I don’t know all the arguments for or against.  This time the issue was over flying a flag.  My opinion holds for other issues as well.

I started  with, ‘I think we should be sensitive to when anyone expresses they are threatened by something.’

And then I got to hear all of his arguments for his side of the issue.

So my side of the rest of the conversation was pretty lame.  Statements like ‘yes, history is important’, etc.

And then he left the break room.

And to the room I said, ‘I told you, you didn’t want to hear my opinion.’

I didn’t get the chance to expand on my thoughts which are:

I don’t know why we want to hold on to our right to do something if it is causing another person or group of people distress.

What if the table was turned and we were the ones that were in distress by something another person had the right to do? And they insisted on doing it? Wouldn’t we want them to be sensitive to us?

Maybe my co-worker hasn’t ever been afraid.


Quoting the Bible

I find it interesting that oft times when the Bible is quoted, it is to convince someone else how to behave.  Some examples follow.  There are many many more scriptures you can pull from the Bible to tell someone what to do or not to do.

– Wives are told to submit to their husbands

– Children are told to honor their parents


– Sins of the fathers are passed on three generations

If you read the full scripture, you will see that:

– Husbands are to love their wives as Christ loved the church, even to the point of death

– Parents are to not provoke their children

– The righteous are blessed to the thousandth generation

Why is it so important to  get someone else to do something? The only person you have any control over is your own self.

What would happen if Bible believers would love and extend grace to everyone?