A Christian’s Only Task

I don’t know why Christian’s still debate over sin.  Which one is bigger, which one is the one that will doom you forever.  What happens if you die before….

When Christ came to Earth, he told us we had it all wrong.  We still do.

He said to Love God and one another.  This statement doesn’t even address sin. Because that isn’t the focus on life.  Love is.

It is a simple statement, not so easy to do. But I’ve been practicing loving everyone since Lent and will until the day I die.

Makes life a lot less stressful for me when I look at life from the viewpoint of how would I approach this situation, this person and/or this choice if I came from a place of love?

My morning starts with a prayer for all those in need and thanksgiving for a new day.  I ask for help in being able to love all I meet.  And especially when I don’t think I can do it. For example driving in rush hour traffic is hard. Calling about a late bill because I didn’t notice the due date had changed was a complete failure on my part.

But I get to re-assess and choose that even though I didn’t behave as well as I would like, I would like God to bless this situation, this person and this choice.  And I like focusing on love rather than sin.

Won’t you joining me in loving everyone?

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