When Taking Your Right isn’t Right

Yesterday a co-worker approached me in the break room about a news story that was on the TV. He wanted my opinion.  I told him he didn’t really want it.

I knew he didn’t want it because I wasn’t going to say what he wanted to hear.  I also was reluctant to express it because I don’t follow the news and I don’t know all the arguments for or against.  This time the issue was over flying a flag.  My opinion holds for other issues as well.

I started  with, ‘I think we should be sensitive to when anyone expresses they are threatened by something.’

And then I got to hear all of his arguments for his side of the issue.

So my side of the rest of the conversation was pretty lame.  Statements like ‘yes, history is important’, etc.

And then he left the break room.

And to the room I said, ‘I told you, you didn’t want to hear my opinion.’

I didn’t get the chance to expand on my thoughts which are:

I don’t know why we want to hold on to our right to do something if it is causing another person or group of people distress.

What if the table was turned and we were the ones that were in distress by something another person had the right to do? And they insisted on doing it? Wouldn’t we want them to be sensitive to us?

Maybe my co-worker hasn’t ever been afraid.


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