Is Ashley Madison Hack an Answer to Prayer?

A number of years ago I read an article in the college newspaper about sex trafficking.  In the article, an 8 year old girl earns her captor over $40,000 a year and lives in a dog crate.

No one should have to live like this.  So I started praying for anyone and everyone who needed help. I pray for areas of injustice to be reveled and resolved.

Then things started happening in the news.  A woman in Germany who had been missing since she was 16 was found living in a bunker her father had built.  He had kept her captive all those years and even had grandchildren by his daughter.  The grandchildren also lived in the bunker.

They don’t now.

In another instance two young women who had been missing for years were found in an abandoned house, middle aged men had stolen them. And used them.

These women were returned to their families.

I was horrified that people have had to live in these conditions. Against their will. Then I remembered my prayer. Oh.

I continue to be mindful and keep this prayer high on my list.

I recently started praying for our leaders. Some it seems are not leaders but self-serving people who grab all they can get for themselves. They have set a different standard for their behavior.

We are all paying the price for this disparity.

Same prayer for justice, different focus. And interesting results.  Ashley Madison hacked, names reveled.

Is there something you can do? Why don’t you join me and also pray for justice and our leaders?


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